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In 1994 the Caribbean nation of Antigua and Barbuda passed the Free Trade & Processing Act, permitting licences to be granted to organisations applying to open online casinos. Since then Software company providers like Microgaming started to enter the new market creating new platforms and virtual casino games to start something very successful and long-lasting.

For all casino fans and players today this means that the industry of online gambling has been around for more than 20 years now and the online business has been only growing and improving since then.

But why should you care about the online casino history? well, simply because this means that online casinos today have improved for years in everything that you care about when shopping for a casino such as security, quick  and safe ways to cash-out winnings, safety for your private info, good bonuses and conditions and of course good quality games and supportive software.

Choosing the Right Online Casino

As for today you have really a huge range of choice to choose from when searching for an online casino; there are literally hundreds of them but the million dollar question is where to look for the one that is good for you? and what should you look for in order to pick the right one for you?

Regardless of your preferences as a player, the truth is that there are some basic characteristics that every player should pay attention to and ask to themselves before deciding where to put his/her money on:

  1. Is the casino regulated?
  2. Does the casino have a good reputation? – What are other players saying about this casino?
  3. How long has the casino been around?
  4. Do they offer offer good and fair gaming?
  5. Do they pay out winners?
  6. Is the casino secured and safe to play and deposit money?
  7. Are their bonuses and promotions good for you?
  8. Do they have a reliable and good customer support?

Once you have asked yourself all of these questions, you’ll be ready to search for the casino that offers the games that you like, the theme, your preferred ways of getting your winnings, and of course the one that accepts players from your country of residence.

Remember that the huge advantage that playing online has is that you can easily access multiple online casinos from your home, the park, personal computer or mobile device and basically from anywhere you are and therefore you don’t have to stick to only one online casino, but stay smart and make sure that all of the online casinos you choose to join meet your preferences and needs.

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