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How to Spot a Fraudulent Online Casino

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As we mentioned previously, online casinos have been around now for about 22 years (*see “Is good to know”). These two decades of experience can only be taken as something extremely positive for this present generation of players because as the famous saying goes, “you live, you learn” we can definitely say that past experiences were there to teach us how to do better now.

Unfortunately, the online world has fell victim numerous times in the past to cyber criminals and others that saw the power of the internet as a mean to trick and scam people instead of seeing it as a potential to connect with people and do good.

Sadly, online casinos are not the exception to the rule, but I’ll leave the small cyber criminal talk for the next blog. Right now we’re going to center not on the simple identity thief, but rather on the big fish scammer, and this means entire online casinos that dedicate their business to exploit and scam their players until they get enough money to disappear only to reappear again as a new casino and repeat the same game over and over.

Learn How to Recognize Red Alerts

Now let’s back up a little to understand how the scam of online casinos works. The truth, sadly is that is quite easy if you have the money. The idea is to open one or more online casinos and start running them normally. The big difference is one simple small detail, which is the fact running a business with bad intentions from the very start, lying and tricking players with even the smallest details.

Probably the most prominent and Biggest Red Alert of all is when the casino refuses to pay winnings; now do not get confused with some delays that sometimes even the best and most honest casinos happen to have. A simple delay can be of just a few days or even a week, but when you have to wait two weeks or more to get your winnings, you should start opening your eyes.

The Second Alert
you should pay attention to, is the denial or restrictions of bonuses that you were getting as per your player class or regular activity in the casino.

What happens here is that the moment you have had some winnings in the past you become a player of “high risk” and therefore they will still want your money but they will use all their power to avoid letting you win, and if you still happen to win, they will delay your winnings as much as possible using many ridiculous excuses and probably not even pay until you end up leaving the casino for good.

Finally, The Third Red Alert to spot a fraudulent online casino would be lies and hidden information. This might be the most difficult characteristic of all to spot since usually the moment you discover that you’ve been lied is already too late.

thiefLies can range from small ones like fake promises or hiding info about bonuses restrictions to bigger ones like taking money and private information without your permission or consent, but above all, and The Most Dangerous of having the misfortune of having entered the wrong casino is when the scam casino is on its last days of life. At this point the casino will try to take as much as possible before it all goes down and finally it will vanish on thin air. The most scary thing is that these fraudsters can make the criminal casino disappear in a matter of hours and before you know it, the casino and all your money in it are gone forever.

Sometimes, justice does discover who these fraudsters are and you can recover some of the lost money, but in most cases the money will simply be part of history.

The End of a Viper

Once the fraudulent casino has ended its cycle of poisonous life ( either the bad reviews are too heavy and they start spending more in advertising than what the earnings are, or they get shut down by local or international authorities) the same management will try to open new brands with different names, as different companies and with different “owners” registered on them just to re-start a new cycle of the same story.

Fraudulent casinos could last for years before everything turns to ashes, and in many cases they start in a legit way until they get enough reputation to start the real business which is taking as much as possible and with the least expenses possible which entitles all of the already mentioned.

Avoid crossing paths with a fraudulent casino by knowing the signs of fraudulent actions, recognize red alerts, and study and learn about each casino before signing up to one.


To conclude, all I can say is that even though fraud can be found pretty much everywhere, there are also amazing and honest online casinos out there with great reputation earned by years of good and trusting behavior towards their players with the best intentions to run a legit business and a fun place to play and win money.

So there you have it; now you’ve been informed and hopefully it will make you re-analyze the facts the next time you shop for an online casino.

Needless to say, when in search for an online casino you can confidently check out all the casinos reviewed here on this site as they are all of a proven very high reputation, experience and most important, they are safe to put your money on and play.




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